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What is SignBean, & How Does It Help?

SignBean offers comprehensive digital signage solutions that you have never seen before. Equipped with the latest technology and advanced features, it makes the purpose of digital signage effective, professional, and easy, irrespective of the industry or sector your business lies in. It has both the hardware device and a software platform, SignBean Players and SignBean Studio, respectively.

As a business or an educational entity, you need to make an impact on your employers, customers, students, or visitors with your brand's message. This can be executed with the help of SignBean, which will engage your target audience or personnel most uniquely and effectively.

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Why Choose SignBean?

What good is a digital signage platform or software that fails to fulfill your business needs or fits the business flow? It gets even worse when the software providers refuse to modify and customize the features according to your needs or charge a hefty amount for them. If you witness any or all of these issues, then SignBean is your one and only solution! It was created with the idea of fulfilling your needs and modifying them accordingly. There are two aims behind the invention of SignBean;

  • offering a standard means of fulfilling market needs of digital signage solutions
  • making it a fully flexible platform that can execute tailor-made functions of your choice.


What does it offer?
Hardware: Plug & Play Digital Signage Solutions

For hardware solutions, we provide a digital sign player device that is ready to use. It is a pre-activated, plug-n-play device; once you buy it, all you need to do is connect it to a power source, digital display, and Wi-Fi. There is an on-board cache on this device that never shows blank screens on your display and keeps refreshing the content automatically whenever you make any changes. In case of running into any issue, we offer remote support to eliminate it quickly.

Software: User-Friendly SignBean Studio

We offer a user-friendly software platform that doesn't require any prior technical knowledge. All you need to do is drag and drop whatever content you need to create. However, below we have mentioned the key features and working.

Easy and Quick Setup

Once you connect the SignBean digital signage player to any existing screen, you can start managing your content from any device and see the magic happening!

Synchronized Display with Different Logic

You can apply different playback algorithms or logic to achieve various synchronized playback methods, such as shopfront synchronize, content synchronize, timestamp synchronize, etc.

International Security Standard

Our system complies with the international security standard by passing IBM application scanning. Moreover, we keep our firmware updates with time by applying the latest technology to improve our security level.

Simple Content Management

Our software offers the flexibility of creating as many users accounts as needed. It doesn't matter if you are operating from one location or hundreds; with SignBean Studio, you can manage your digital displays from any device.

Simple 4 Steps

How Does SignBean Player Work?


Get your hands on SignBean player


Configure the display, content schedule, and publish


Connect the player with a display device


You will now see amazing result

AI Concept Embedded

With the embedment of Artificial Intelligence, digital signage is offering new and improved opportunities to its users. Currently, we are focusing on these unique opportunities and witnessing the most significant facets of the integration of AI into digital signage.


How It Works?

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you get to display more relevant content in your digital signage as it can change automatically based on the external environment. For example, weather information will adjust the digital signage content and affect purchasing decisions. Ads can be displayed based on time of day, week, year, weather, and analytics.
It eradicates the need for a staff member to offer assistance to the consumers. The interactive in-store digital signage offers quick information on available products and features without waiting for some staff member to help them.
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