SignBean Studio

SignBean Studio

Whether you are using digital signage technology for years or just a beginner, content storage is essential for offering the best display. It could be retained in the best way to ensure your communication plan is a success.

SignBean studio is an online application that makes it easy to create, publish and manage SignBean’s proposal. The SignBean proposal is a content list that you have schedules, various setups, and designs.

This application is the one-stop solution for all your digital signage needs. Our SignBean studio is constantly upgrading to meet the market demands and cater to your digital signage needs. Furthermore, our SignBean studio provides an offline mode and cloud version both to suit the different content management styles with the help of the whole network of the remote signs.

SignBean studio not only offers the wealth and intuitive user interface of digital signage, but it’s a kind that every business needs nowadays!


SignBean Studio (Local Version)

SignBean studio allows users to control their players and digital signage network. Simply access the studio panel by device’s IP without installation any software. Using drag-and-drop interface to prepare the contents easily.

01: Setup
Simply create and configure presentations, playlists with clear visual platform and drag & drop features; Contents support: video, images, audio, PDF, HTML5, IP Streaming, live feeds, Live TV, Live Text, emergency text and etc; MatrixWall allows you to create video wall contents across multiple displays; Flexible to create unlimited zones on displays to play your amazing contents;


Exclusive Edition for your Unique needs!

SignBean Studio (Ultimate Edition)

We as a company know that some businesses have precise and strict policies about their firewall and network, so it might be pretty hard for you to open the internet on your digital signage publicly. Therefore, we provide our offline version to address such barriers quickly.

We are here to help you with your customized setup and configure everything to use our offline version easily called SignBean Studio Ultimate Edition. Above all, it has the same functions as the cloud-based version, so if network security is your key concern for using digital signage, you can speak to us now!

These are the steps for successfully deploying your content to the Signbean Studio:


① Customized Design

The design team of the SignBean will produce and mark your layout design for each display. You just need to pick the templates from our library, integrate the content sources and customize the look. That’s it, and you are good to go!

② Make Your Own Content

You can easily upload or make the additional content of your choice from anywhere in the world remotely! With the convenient publishing feature, immediately display your content on the needed screens. Above all, it is quite easy to use without any technical knowledge required.

③ Attach the Player

You can connect/attach our digital signage player with a wireless internet connection and showcase the content through HDMI. For connection, each screen should have power, and HDMI input is accessible to attach the player so you could publish the content seamlessly.

④ Content Displayed

Now, the player will start showing the layout, which is already assigned within seconds. You can remotely produce, edit and then publish the apps and content with the help of our SignBean studio Platform.

Furthermore, more functions could be configured in our SignBean studios, such as interactive content, video wall synchronization, live feeds, zoning, and setup preview.

All our features are easy to use and can skyrocket your sales. If you are interested, contact us now!